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Artists working with their surroundings, via demilked.com

Credits: Natalia Rak, Oak Oak, (pictures 2, 3, 4, 5) BanksyMentalgassi, Anonymous, Sandrine Boulet, Nuxuno Xän,


「ねぇ、太一!また冒険に出よう!」「うん!もちろんさ!」 by DOKORO


No African-American artist topped the US Billboard Chart in 2013 — the first time this has happened in 55 years


Jim Dingilian proves that a creative and skillful artist can create works of art with just about anything. By coating the interior of empty glass bottles with black smoke and then carefully brushing it away with tools mounted on dowels, he creates detailed and beautiful but dark works of smoke art that are dripping with a sense of suburban decay (via Bored Panda).


why women of color are the most fertile and those sans melanin have a MINUS birth rate? cause we keep our chakras in line. = twek.

Immortal Technique - Bin Ladin feat. Mos Def

9/11 was an inside job.

"Bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects … It was you, nigga, tell the truth, nigga / Bush knocked down the towers."

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